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Doesn't this picture make you feel better about the world? No? Maybe just me. Some days I feel the darkness of the world on my shoulders. I get really down about kids in foster care, or poverty, or if I hear Barnabas cry a little because he's hungry, I will burst into tears because I know there's actual kids out there who are starving. The other day I was texting Helen and she texted me, "you're kind of intense." Which is why this blog is light and cheery, because it is easy for me to spiral into a world of despair. I feel alone in this, and yet I know I'm not. We all want the world to be without pain and suffering and we're all intense about it. Trying to do good, be less selfish, serve, love well, etc. it feels very ineffective to me.... and now you're beginning to see the spiral I go into. I'm not leaving this discussion, I think it's something I'm trying to figure out how to expand on in the written word. Why God, why all the suffering and pain? Let's spiral out and we'll come back in the near future to this topic... 

... cow day! 

The Webers got us this sweet sign for our new kitchen. I left it on the counter and and later found this note left by James. Hahaha, clever husband. I bake him a pie only once a year for his birthday ;)

.... also drawing skills come in handy when your toddler peels off magnets and you can entertain her by drawing while she's sitting on the potty. 

Happy Monday! 

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