Happy 5 Years!!

Get excited people. James is joining us today* because today is a big day for us. We are celebrating five years. I look at our vows that we promised each other and gosh, it is both devastating and amazing. I am reminded that the things we ought not to break, we break, and yet God restores. This is something to celebrate.

In honor of our fifth year, I'm posting favorite pictures of us through the years. We also each picked 5 questions and then went back and forth answering:

Something you wouldn't know about my spouse... 

J: Despite being an advocate for everything green, she has a deep secret, she has a great love for all things carb-y. A box of donuts, a birthday cake, a whole loaf of bread, you name it, it won't last a single day with Kae.

K: Haha, that's so true, I don't like people to know that about me, but I do love carb-y things. Let's see, James has road rage!! Most people only ever see the very chill side of James, but he gets really, really angry at bad drivers.

One thing I love about my spouse ... 

J: The one that comes to mind the most seems shallow, but she will go out of her way to help me not change a poop-y diaper. I can't handle poop. But the word poop is hilarious.

(K = LAUGHING OUT LOUD, I'm still trying to recover from this) 

K: He's a nice guy. I like nice guys. Nice is very underrated. I remember last year while we were driving back from a family day at the park, James noticed out of the corner of his eye, a man trying to move an enormous ice machine into a moving truck. The guy was struggling. James immediately pulled over, told me he would be right back. Rose and I waited anxiously in the car, watching him help this stranger move this very large piece of equipment.

You know you're ready for marriage when ... 

J: You're never ready, just get married.

K: You can say to yourself, I could marry anyone. Marriage isn't about who you marry, it's a covenant and commitment, so if you think to yourself, yeah I can do that with anyone that also believes that, then you're ready.

Which fictional character best describes your spouse? 

J: She wishes she's Kathleen Kelly from You've Got Mail, but she's really Patricia Eden.

K: A combination of Bing Bong from Inside Out and Pa from Little House on the Prairie (I know, I know, not fictional).

What do you hope for in the next 5 years? 

J: I want to go to Disney World... not necessarily with Kae, I just really want to go to Disney World.

(HAHA. When I came up with this question...I laughed and turned to James and said, you're going to say Disney, aren't you?)

K: That we are better communicators.

It took me 5 years to learn...  

J: Kae's usually right.

K: We are on the same team! Gah, that took me so long to get.

Marriage advice... 

J: Don't forget you're marrying a sinner. If you let them, your spouse will be a false idol. Don't put your faith in them, put your faith in Jesus. That way when they do fall (and they will fall), you're there to help pick them up, and not destroyed by their imperfections.

K: When you find yourself wanting to be loved a certain way from your spouse, ask yourself if you're loving God this way. Example: I wish my spouse would listen to me more, I wish he would spend more time with me. Hmm... Have I been listening to God? Have I been spending time with God? It's a humbling exercise and puts things back in perspective quickly. Also have more sex. (1 Corinthians 7:5)

What is your most favorite gift from each other? 
J: The Scooby Doo scavenger hunt she put together that led to my birthday presents. I felt like Sherlock Holmes. I like all the little drawings Kae gives me. 

K: My wooden fish!!! James and I browsed through the blog to try to find this story, I was so sure I recorded it, but it must be lost in the archives, so I'll retell it. The first year we were married, I worked at a family friend's craft stand at an Austin fair. On my drive back to San Marcos I called James, I mentioned in passing that most things there weren't my style, but there was a wooden rattle fish that I thought was amazing. You can probably piece together the rest of the story. James went back when I was working at the outlets and walked every single booth looking for a "wooden fish." Of course, it was the very last stand in this ginormous craft fair and really he had no idea what he was looking for. I forgot about the whole thing cause it was truly in passing conversation. I never in a million years would have guessed he would actually go hunt it down. I gasped when a couple months later opened it up for Christmas.

Other notables: farmhouse delivery, locket.

If you could plan your 20th wedding anniversary for your spouse, what would it be? 

J: Spend two weeks in a blue zone. Or Prince Edward Island (Anne of Green Gables). If Stars Hollow was a real place I would take her there, but I have to constantly remind her, it's not real.

K: Disney World, ha.

What will you probably actually do on your 20th wedding anniversary?
J: We will watch Netflix and (have to) answer 20 questions for our 20th wedding anniversary.

K: Probably I'll try to squeeze into my wedding dress and we would do a vow renewal ceremony.

What couldn't you predict about marriage or what surprised you about marriage?  

How much my love for you would change. I always viewed it as something that is growing. But it's actually something completetly different. Kind of cliche, but it's transformation. It's not a caterpillar getting fatter, it's a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. But really, it's like a caterpillar turning into a cat turning into a rhino turning into a bagel turning into a butterfly. There's no visible next step.

K: A bagel? Okay...  for me, how hurt I could feel by you. I couldn't imagine that caliber of emotion. It was really shocking. Also, that I would one day be okay with you picking my nose (that's too much information isn't it?)

Thanks for reading!
*our actual anniversary is on the 6th, but blogging takes time in-between keeping small children alive :)



We are in the middle part of a Fixer Upper episode when Chip and Jojo fight over who has to call the client to give them bad news.

The carpet pad didn't come in, so installation has to be moved. 

The plumber can't be located so we don't know when he'll be able to install your sink. We'll call you Monday.  

The countertop installers overbooked, so you're booted off till next week. 

In other words, the renovation is on hold. Does time breed familiarity? Yesterday when we were bombarded with all these calls, I was clearly disappointed, but after a week of living without my kitchen and making salad like a boss (using guest bathroom to wash veggies, and a TV tray to cut my veggies) it was like, "Hmm, okay, what's one more week?" 

And we've been living on concrete in our bedroom since Easter, so definitely used to that now.

I'm trusting God in the timing of everything. It would be bold of me to say I know better, wouldn't it? Because my timing is now, now, now, and very self-centered. I DON'T know better. So let those countertops, sink, carpet, come when they come. Instead, I am getting good at pretending we are camping (inside) and resting in the fact that He knows and that has been so sweet. Figuratively and literally. James the other day went to buy groceries and somehow managed to sneak out a to-go cup and the cobbler that I had been longingly staring at in our fridge. He  microwaved it at our neighbors and made me some decaf tea over there. It was really sweet. It made me thankful for this crazy renovation because otherwise this moment wouldn't have happened.

I'm seeing opportunities in this mess called life for moments of light... and sweetness.


Summer Happenings

Gah, this may be my new favorite photo of Rose. 

Auntie "Bekah" is back in town!! 
Rebekah is the little sister of James's best friends (Weber boys) so she is very dear to us. 
I am excited to have a babysitter for the summer. I don't remember the last time James and I went out on a date. Hmm, does shopping at Home Depot for a dishwasher count? Rebekah stole Rose away to swim for a couple hours yesterday. I enjoyed much needed one-on-one time with B and caught up on chores. Next time though I am going to nap. 

The farmers market is back and we are enjoying homemade cobblers and fresh veggies. 


Kitchen Inspiration

It's coming together. 

I think "Young House Love" and Fixer Upper does such a good job making home improvement look fun and doable. I'll think "I can do that!" Then I watch a youtube video on painting cabinets and I'm like, "Oh wait, no." I'm okay with that. I have mad skills in changing diapers and I'm not willing to give up my smile time with Barney. Any spare moment I have, I sit and smile at my baby... and he smiles back! We do this back and forth gushing all day long. It's wonderful. So while our lives don't look like an episode on HGTV, it is filled with many, many phone calls and texts to contractors (real life Chip and Jojo's). We are hiring people to do just about everything, but I want it to be recorded forever that we DID install that new dishwasher. 

Photo by my friend Yoriko



The haircut I gave Rose last week: 

The haircut James gave her last spring: 

We really do mean well. She hates having hair in her face, but I think we can all agree no more scissors for us. 



I thought it was the end of the Kae-meltdown-flood-saga, but looks like a new chapter has begun.

Our kitchen flooded last week. This time a dishwasher leak. I feel like I'm teetering-tottering on a fine line of either bursting out in tears or hysterically laughing. It's been a combination of both the last two weeks.

Let me count the blessings though:

- We are charging forward as a sign from God that it's time to do a full kitchen renovation. Kitchen renovations are like weddings. It's a very, very GOOD thing, except when you're actually planning it. Wedding planning is nightmarish and emotional and expensive and it's all riding on the bride. Can I get an amen from brides out there? So we will have a wonderful kitchen till death do us part, but it's going to be a roller coaster ride getting there, and I will do my best not to puke.

- I have a husband that understands my fear of making wrong decisions, so he is very patient with me.

- We got a new dishwasher! Did you know that you can't just walk into Home Depot and buy a dishwasher? Well, I didn't. You actually go in and pick the one you want and they order it for you and it comes in a couple weeks later. We went in Saturday thinking we could bring one home and when I discovered that was not the case, I was majorly bummed. But then, on clearance, there was an open box one in the brand we wanted (Samsung) and in our budget ($400ish)! We had plans on getting a different one, but this one was an upgraded version and more importantly we brought it home that day.

- Home insurance. Or more specifically being blessed with an insurance adjuster that knew James and did an amazing, thorough job. Even more specific, watching God provide for this renovation.

- Marriage bonding time. It was 1am before we got the dishwasher installed and damaged tile removed, but we did it, watch out Chip and Jojo.